Sunday, July 19, 2009

Walter Cronkite RIP

The creation of the saying 'and that's the way it is'
If you are over 30 or so you probably remember hearing that phrase one or two times wen you you were a kid plopped down in front of the boob tube watching the CBS evening news. Way back when, before the Internet, cable television even cell phones, when there were only two or three stations you had to choose from whenever you watched television Walter Cronkite was one of the last of the his generation. He was the news anchorman you could trust.

Walter Cronkite was the last of the no nonsense newsman who tried to remain non partisan whole still caring about issues. There was a time when Walter Cronkite was considered the most trusted man in America. Cronkite usually tried to remain impartial and non partisan, something many of today's talk show pundits refuse to do. He may have been a card carrying Republican, Democrat or Independent but you wouldn't know it watching him read the nightly news.

He also had kick ass last name. Cronkite, sounds like some sort of detectives name.
Walter Cronkite!
My memories of Walter Cronkite are mostly toward the end of his time as anchorman. When his saying that's the way it was had lost some of it's resonance. CBS was pushing him out the door to usher in Dan "Kenneth, what's the frequency? " Rather. He stepped down at the right time before television news became ratings conscious instead of news conscious. When he read the news you knew you were getting the news, straight with no chaser. What follows are a few Walter Cronkite news reports, take a look at one of the last breed of great news anchormen.

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