Thursday, July 30, 2009

SC man has sex with horse... again

You can't make shit like this up
I have to be honest I'm glad that I don't have any mental illnesses. At least none that keeps me from functioning like a normal person. (whatever that means) Imagine your own mind tricking you into believing the most whacked out ideas. A mind that whispers to you to do the most vile things. Our prisons have become makeshift asylums for mentally Ill. If you are broke and crazy and you break the law you will most assuredly be going to jail.

The man in the above photo, Rondell Vereen (no relation to Ben Vereen) was arrested monday for the second time for....(wait for it)... bestiality. As if one time wasn't enough. This dude was having sex with a horse. Not one time but multiple times. This is the second time he's been arrested for doing this to the same horse. Maybe they've got as thing going on, maybe the horse is his personal bust it baby either way he's headed to the pokey.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Stephon Marbury is certifiably batshit crazy!

The above video is of Stephon Marbury, faded star of numerous NBA teams crying into a webcam. The video starts with the end of some random R&B track plays then the music switches to Kirk Franklin. Stephon goes into some sort of trance while one of his weed carries brags that they have it all (what exactly 'it' is I have no idea) from R&B to gospel. At about minute in Stephon starts crying while his homey sings wayyyy of key. For the next three or minutes Stephon cries while a mysterious hand consoles him.

What's disturbing about this video is not that Stephon Marbury is crying. He's had a rough couple of years with the death of his father and the dismantling of his career at his own hands. There's nothing wrong with a good cry every one in a while. Life is hard sometimes you can get down about things. So you put on some emotional music and cry it out. Whats disturbing is that first Stephon and his weed carriers decided to do this on camera. I mean they actually set up the camera and put on some crying music. I could imagine the conversation between Stephon and the Weed carrier before they attempted this stunt.

Marbury: Set up the camera and play that Kirk Fraknlin track track.
wc: You mean that one that makes you cry?
Marbury : Yeah I'm gonna show the people out there in the Internets that I'm not the selfish bastard everyone thinks I am. I am giving you my tears.
wc: *gives Marbury a blank look
Marbury : Just set up the damn camera. It's gonna be Internet history.
wc: *blinks

I guess the object was to show that Starbury is human and he has emotions but the fact of the matter it comes across as forced and yet another desperate grasp for attention. Worse this is simply sad. This is not what a 15 year veteran of the NBA should be doing for attention.
Last weekend, Stephon held a 48 hour live chat via US stream where he chatted with his fans and offered his opinions and thoughts on a variety of subjects. A window into the life of Stephon Marbuy .A sort of a 'lost weekend' of chat sessions. It didn't look happy. I watched some of it this past weekend (yeah I have no life too). I watched he was placing random items up in front of the camera perhaps in attempt to gain some advertising revenue. He bragged that he had 20 million dollars and that he didn't need the NBA. He admitted that he wasn't the best point guard in the NBA and talked up his exercise routine, as his weed carriers talk filmed everything.
Somewhere in his batshit mind he thought this entire was the perfect way to show the world who Stephon really is. The problem is that he came across as he always does, a selfish overrated fading star which a boulder-sized chip on his shoulder.
Originally I was going to write a long post detailing the ever increasing level of batshit craziness Stephon marbury has been involved in during his career. But after watching this video I only have sympathy. The saying is so true true that money cannot buy you happiness.
I truly hope that Stephon gets some help with his issues because in addition to making a complete joke out of his career. He's making one out of his life. Get some help brother.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday linkage

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Ex- Champ Vernon Forrest is shot to death in an apparent carjacking.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Walter Cronkite RIP

The creation of the saying 'and that's the way it is'
If you are over 30 or so you probably remember hearing that phrase one or two times wen you you were a kid plopped down in front of the boob tube watching the CBS evening news. Way back when, before the Internet, cable television even cell phones, when there were only two or three stations you had to choose from whenever you watched television Walter Cronkite was one of the last of the his generation. He was the news anchorman you could trust.

Walter Cronkite was the last of the no nonsense newsman who tried to remain non partisan whole still caring about issues. There was a time when Walter Cronkite was considered the most trusted man in America. Cronkite usually tried to remain impartial and non partisan, something many of today's talk show pundits refuse to do. He may have been a card carrying Republican, Democrat or Independent but you wouldn't know it watching him read the nightly news.

He also had kick ass last name. Cronkite, sounds like some sort of detectives name.
Walter Cronkite!
My memories of Walter Cronkite are mostly toward the end of his time as anchorman. When his saying that's the way it was had lost some of it's resonance. CBS was pushing him out the door to usher in Dan "Kenneth, what's the frequency? " Rather. He stepped down at the right time before television news became ratings conscious instead of news conscious. When he read the news you knew you were getting the news, straight with no chaser. What follows are a few Walter Cronkite news reports, take a look at one of the last breed of great news anchormen.

Monday, July 6, 2009

RIP Steve McNair

Again, Alright now really.

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