Tuesday, May 19, 2009


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Welcome to Ghettos of the mind. If you are fan of hip hop that phrase might be familiar to you it's taken from a Pete Rock & CL smooth song of the the same name. You can listen to the classic track here. My intention is for Ghettos of the mind to be a blog where not only I can rant a raver about hip hop, music, sports politics and whatever comes into my mind. But a discussion site where you the reader can chime in and give you .02$ about a topic. This is not a autocracy, while of course I am the author of this blog and have the right to publish or delete whatever I feel is necessary. I am not the all knowing, all seeing. I am simply one lone blogger with something to say and I am using Ghettos of the mind as a platform to say what I have to say. Comments, criticism of almost all kinds are appreciated. I 'm wiling to entertain and debate divergent points of view. Just try to back up what you say with some sort of logic or facts. What is not appreciated is snarky, racist, nasty, useless comments. Let's keep it classy in here. OK? If you want to come here to simply say first try another blog. Thee are millions of them out there.
Again I will try to post something at least once a week for now, eventually maybe I'll be able to post more often. Until then just be patent and enjoy.



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